How big a house can you demolish?

We can demolish any size of a house weather big or small. It does not matter whether it is a private home or industrial building, we have all the right equipment and human resources at hand and we can conduct the exercise flawlessly.

How much time does it take you to demolish a house?

Generally, a medium residential house will take us about a day to remove asbestos, another one day to bring it down and an extra three days to excavate it once we are done with the normal activities. For a bigger house it might take a bit longer though you will like our services.

Do you clear the area as per the clients’ wishes?

Yes we do. It is upon our client to tell us whether they want us to demolish the house fully or in part. We can demolish all the structures or part of the house that they request us to. All we do is listen and give out our best.

Do you do asbestos removal?

We remove asbestos; we have a team of highly trained staff who know how to conduct the project in the safest way possible. We know the health hazards associated with asbestos removal hence we have trained them to practice all the precautions including wearing of the appropriate gear when at work.

Do I need a demolition permit?

Yes, you need to seek permission from the relevant local authorities. You should notify them of your intended demolition services so that they may plan or be ready for all the inconveniences that might be caused by the process. It is illegal for us to go on with the demolition without the proper permits prior to the project.

How do I get the demolition permit?

We can do all the arrangements that are necessary for you to push on your intention of demolishing your house. However when it comes to doing the final submissions, the owner must be there to put clear their intentions. There can be up to a maximum of three permits that needs to be sought by the homeowner depending on the place they live.

Are you licensed to perform these demolition services?

Yes we are. Furthermore we are insured by a reliable insurance company which should give you confidence that all our undertakings are legal. We are active members of demolition contractors.