Demolition Services

We provide house demolition services to those people who might want to tear down a wall or even a whole building. We have the right equipment that will help us to remove all the junk and goon to bring the house down. We offer both small demolition projects like demolishing walls or sheds as well big demolition projects of private houses, industrial buildings or even large malls. We have everything needed to complete this project and even to remove all the dirt after completing the demolition.

There are a wide number of ways that we can be able to conduct our demolition services. We have wrecking balls, gut outs, torching, as well as rigging and towing. All this can help to bring down the premises. A wrecking ball is a large iron ball that is attached to a crane and swings either ways to bring down the premises. Rigging and towing refers the attachment of or a wall to a very powerful vehicle which will then pull the object that has been attached to it to bring it down. Gut outs refers to the complete removal of every single object in the building e.g. cabinets, floors and junk. Explosive demolition is suitable when bringing down large buildings and involves the use of explosives to break down the buildings. The explosives are attached on the buildings and activated from a distance by a remote or a timer. Torching refers to where we have to light up the house in a big fire to bring it down.

We can also be able to conduct partial demolition services in case you only want us to bring down a small section of your building. We have the right equipment and expertise to bring down the select structures on your building. E.g. we can only remove a house extension and leave the rest of your house intact as per your request. We can remove various house parts without interfering with other parts.

We can also come and take down all these equipment and fixtures that you think you might not want on your house anymore. For example we may come to take out some fixtures whenever a fire destroys certain parts of your house. We also remove the floors of your house. We have a number of demolition experts in our company and they can provide you with the best services. Just Call or email us.